The Municipality of Peniche is a zone of great natural beauties and an enviable landscape, with a vast historical, cultural and religious patrimony.

The rocks that come up from the sea are sculptured with the most diverse forms. It is a challenge to the most creative, that will be able to discover cathedral pinnacles, fierce animals or even delicate forms.

This city is encircled with XVI century walls. In the south side, by the sea, there is the fortress, defender of the coast, it is today a museum that remembers the penalties from those who suffered the cruelties of the politic prison of the Estado Novo (dictatorship).

The procession of the sea is a tradition in honour of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, it is celebrated every year, in the first weekend of August during 4 days, where the decorated boats go to the sea, carrying images of religious saints.

As landmark of this belief a monument in honour of Nossa Senhora was inaugurated the 5th of August of 1991 at the entrance of Peniche. The biggest existing tradition is the “bilros” lace and so that it doesn't disappear, there is a lace school to awake the interest of the younger inhabitants. So that this art isn't forget, it was also homaged at the city garden.

Tha well known waves of Spertubos and baleal beaches, are a special atraccion for the surfers all over the world who visit us during the year and mainly during the Rip Curl Pro Surf held in Peniche.


What to visit?

  • Fortaleza de Peniche
  • Ilha das Berlengas
  • Gruta da Furninha
  • Cabo Carvoeiro
  • Igreja de São Pedro
  • Igreja da Santa Casa da Mesericórdia
  • Santuário da Nossa Senhora os Remédios