Land of Sea and Vineyards

The Oeste region has delightful and exquisitely preserved landscapes, extending inland from the Atlantic Ocean to the Montejunto, Aire and Candeiros mountains,to the “gates of the capital” and the Pinewood of D. Dinis.

It is a territory bathed in intense sunlight and blessed with a gentle climate, creating a unique harmony between the countryside and coast, in a green expanse dotted with white houses, set against the vast blue ocean. The local inhabitants have a long tradition of hospitality, and maintain strong ties to both the land and the ancestral call of the sea.

The development of the Oeste region has been powered by its proximity to Lisbon and its strategic location, close to other major urban centres.

Easy access to Lisbon and Porto International Airports also facilitates connections between the region and the main urban centres in Portugal and Europe.


What to Visit?

  • Fortaleza de Peniche
  • Ilha das Berlengas
  • Castelo de Óbidos
  • Lagoa de Óbidos
  • Salinas de Rio Maior
  • Lourinhasaurus - Museu da Lourinhã
  • Linhas de Torres
  • Jardim Buddha Eden
  • Sítio da Nazaré
  • Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré
  • Mosteiro de Alcobaça